|Abbreviations are a type of slang that are short versions of a word or phrase commonly used by players to chat.

Abbreviation What it stands for
HP Hit Point
SP Stamina Point
MP Magic Point
Pty/Pt Would you like to join a Party? or Can I join your Party?
lfp/lfg Looking for a party/group
afk Away from the keyboard
brb Be right back
WTB want to buy
WTS want to sell
WTT want to trade/exchange
KS Kill Steal. When a player attacks a monster that was already the target of another player, not of the same party.
PvP Player Versus Player
PK Player Kill. When one player controlled character kills another.
lol/lmao/rotfl Laugh out Loud/Laughing my ass off/Rolling on the floor laughing.
pwn "owned". When something is beaten very quickly or very easily.
squishy Someone that cannot take much damage before dieing, someone who dies quickly or is easy to kill.
omg/zomg Oh my god!
gg Good game
idk I don't Know
nvm/nm Nevermind/ Nothing Much
atm At the moment
return/town Use the command /return or /town to teleport away.
dc Disconnected. When a player has left the game unvoluntarily due to an error.
aoe Area of Effect. Refers to skills that do damage to an area of the playfield and not just to one specific target.
GvG Guild versus Guild
OPs Operators Exclusive

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