Quest Information

Given From: Daisy
Level Requirement: 23
Prerequisites: Another Secret(3)


You have to deliver a Letter of Daisy to Drunca.


8,400 Experience
30,100 Gold
Engagement Ring


Walk over to Drunca and talk to him to complete the quest.


Quest Text

Oh! I almost forgot, Mr. Drunca also wanted to know the truth about this rumor. Let me get all this down. (after writing a short letter, she hands it to you) Please give this to Mr. Drunca. He's likely waiting. Please do this last favor.

Reward Text

Is this Daisy's reply? You're a little late. (after reading the letter, he looks relieved)

This is what I thought. Thank the Goddess. I knew my Marilyn was not such a woman. (his face flushes) Oh, uh... it's nothing. just pretend you didn't hear anything. *sigh* Ok, you know. Daisy's mother and I were in love. She left her husband for me. But she disappeared after she became pregnant. We had so little time together, you know? But I always thought Daisy looked like her. Anyway thanks for you work. Here's a ring as a reward, please accept it. This... I don't think I'll need this anymore. I'll always have the memories. And now, I'll have my daughter.

Thank you again. I look forward to meeting you again. Bon Voyage.