Argilla Ruins is the first dungeon accessible for Union of Fury characters. Found in the North region of Reikeuseu. The preferred level range is about 15-24. Anything higher and experince points will no longer be substaintual.

There is no map for the Argilla Ruins. Your radar is useless and it is quite easy to get lost. The best way of navigating the dungeon is to party with veterans and simply follow them. There is one main and semi-complicated path that leads to both of this dungeon's bosses - Kargos - then Knight.



Skeleton Guard Kargos The first boss encountered in Argilla Ruins. Kargos is quite a basic and easy boss battle that is easily killable with 5 level 18+ party members. A good Guardian and Oracle is strongly advised for tanking and healing against kargos's big hits. Kargos drops 1 or 2 basic lower level items.

Knight The Final boss encounter in Argilla Ruins. Very similar to Kargos execept that Knight has much more Health Points and deals alot more damage. A group of 7 is almost always the only way to bring Knight down. Knight drops 1 or 2 high class items.

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