The Assassin is one of three Classes only available to the Vail.

Classes Assassin


Class Icon Assassin Assassins automatically gains + 1 to DEX each Level.


The Union’s answer to the Ranger is the Assassin. Like the Ranger, stealth and deception are the trademarks of a good Assassin. Ambush and evasion are staples of the Assassin. They also know how to frighten some monsters away. Assassins can disguise themselves as harmless creatures or as the enemy, further enabling their stealth.

Beginning Stats


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When Fighting Against -

Fighters or Warriors- The fighter/warrior will most likely win unless if you have high DEX and a few tricks up your sleeve.

Defenders or Guardians - The fight will most likely end with you or the foe leaving the arena because the defender/guardian cannot hit you and you cannot hit high enough to cause enough damage.

Priests or Oracles - A very easy fight if you have the "Stun Set".

Mages or Pagans - A very, very, very hard. If you are far away, there's a grave with your name on it.

Archers or Hunters - This depends on how far you are. The closer you are, the more chance you'll survive.

Another Assassin or a Ranger - 50% chance of winning.

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