The chat window is part of the game's interface and can be found in the bottom left corner of the screen.

For a list of slang words used by players, see abbreviation.

How to Chat

Press ENTER to activate the chat window, then type your message normally, then press ENTER again to send the message.


There are different types of chat depending on who you would like to talk to. Each type has it's own different color and symbol apart from common, which is the basic form of chat.

Color Symbol Name Description
    Common Only players close by will see this.
  ! Whisper Only you and the person you sent it to will be able to see this.
  @ Party Only party members will see this.
  # Guild Only guild members will see this.
  $ Trade All the players in the same faction will see this. And it is restricted to players above level 11.

How to use them

The symbol is typed first, then leave a space then type your message. The only exception being whispers, which require the symbol, then a space, then the name of the person you would like to talk you, then a second space then finally the message.

Hello everyone! This text would appear as common

! MrExample Hello how are you mr example? This is a whisper.

@ Hello party members!

# Hello guild members!

$ Hello everyone! This would appear as trade.

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