A command is a word that can be typed into the chat window that will cause something specific to happen. All commands begin with a forward slash (/) to differentiate from common chat.

The "<" and ">" simply are used to signal that what's inside is a description of the inputed value. You need not, and should not, actually type the "<" and ">."

Command Description
/return Teleport to the nearest town within 10 seconds as long as the character remains idle and does not move.
/yelling <text> Causes the text to be colored red and be heard by players within a moderate distance of the character.
/party <player ign (in-game name)> Sends a party invitation to the player. This will work as long as the invited player is on the same map as the one who sends the invite.
/join <player ign (in-game name)> This function is (or at least was) glitchy. It makes you join the Raid party of "player"
/defeat Give up current duel.
/chatcolor3 This function allows U to get color of your chat ( set value from 1-8 to get a color ,0 and 9 cancel this function)

/chatcolor1 - lightblue /chatcolor2 - green 3-yellow 4-orange 5-gray 6-puprle 7-violet 8-pink? (color of Guild Chat)

Please note that these commands will only work in common chat and should not have other symbols infront of them.

Following is a list of sup skills which are also available as commands.

See Sub Skills for descriptions of these sub skills and more.

  • /victory
  • /love
  • /laugh
  • /clap
  • /start
  • /insult

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