Controls refer to the buttons on a keyboard or mouse that will do various actions when playing Shaiya.

For a list of text commands, see Command.


Button Description
ESC Cancel / Option
P Toggle Shortcut Window
F1 ~ F7 Select Party member
V Toggle Mini Map/Radar
F10 Change view (1st person / 3rd person)
M Toggle Map
F11 HUD Toggle
Tab Run / Walk
` Change Target
W Forward (double: Auto run)
1 ~ 0 Shortcut Window Usage
S Reverse (double: Jump back)
T Status Window
C Rest / Sit
A Left
U Quest Window
D Right
I Inventory Window
Q Diagonal left (double: Jump left)
O Option Window
E Diagonal right (double: Jump right)
G Guild/buddy/block/party search Window
F Party member assist Mode (select Party member)
K Skill Window
B Emotes Skill Window
H Toggle Coordinates and FPS
+/- Shortcut Window Page up / down
L Toggle Light Effect
Space Bar Jump
Arrow Keys Change 3rd person camera angle
End/Middle Mouse Button/Home Character forward/reverse point of view
Page Up Zoom in
Page Down Zoom out
Number Pad +/- Shortcut Window Add / Delete
Print Screen/F12 Take screen shot
Left Click Basic travel/select/attack/action
Right Click Point of view change with moves in click status.
Mouse Wheel Zoom in/out
Enter Open in game chat line

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