The Basics Edit

Cornwells is the first dungeon for the vast majority of players, it is also the location of the first real boss quest. It has two levels, the first is reasonably extensive, the second consists of two rooms. One containing normal dungeon mobs, and the other is where Asmo resides. It also is one of the few dungeons with a level limit; the portal to level two will not grant access to players above level 35.

Map Edit

See Carbofos' Cornwell's Seal map

Quests Edit

Credit to Zeretor for the quest details

The Most Powerful Firepower(1)

- Where? John Grik the Weapon merchant at Keolloseu Town - Mission? Break Mysterious Boxes and collect 5 Black Minerals - Found? Mysterious Boxes spawn in Cornwell Ruin dungeon if you go pass the first room - Reward? 2,240 exp

The Most Powerful Firepower(2)

- Where? John Grik the Weapon Merchant at Keolloseu Town - Mission? Place the Black Minerals into the Strong Brazier by clicking on it - Reward? 160 exp

The Most Powerful Firepower(3)

- Where? Strong Brazier close to the weapon merchant John Grik at Keolloseu Town - Mission? Talk to John Grik the Weapon Merchant at Keolloseu Town - Reward? 160 exp, 16,500 gold, worship weapon of your choice

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Mobs inside Cornwell Ruins:

Skeleton Warrior
Spirit Guard
Red Blood Elf
Cornwell Ruins Soul
Underground Vagabond
Skeleton Soldier
Skeleton Wizard
Graveyard Loca (Sub Boss -- Outside Asmo Portal)
Asmo (Boss)

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