Its the cave, what starts from lvl 45. Very high levelled baby dragons:).

Too dangerous to go there alone. Better have a good party and lvl +40 at least.

Gaining access to the Cripticone ThroneEdit

The portal the the Cripticone Throne is located in the small bay near white sand harbor. Inside this bay you will find a elf. His name is Freezing Mirage. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIGHT HIM unless you are with at least 6 lvl 60's. In order to gain entrance to the Throne itself you have to defeat this elf. After which a large Blue dragon named Freezing Mirage (Sound familiar?) will spawn along with smaller mobs all around him. After you defeat him, he will drop a chest. This chest is also rumored to be dropped by Cloron the Dragon (See the similarity?) and will open the gate to the Throne. Good luck in there, you'll need it if you aren't with at least 20 lvl 60's!

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