Quest Information

Given From: Drunca
Level Requirement: 22
Prerequisites: <none>


Capture Fedion Antelopes obtain 5 Horns of Antelope and return to Drunca.

You can find Fedion Antelope if you exit the village and follow the route towards the northwest.


4,200 Experience
15,050 Gold


The Fedion Antelope are east of the lake that is north of the farm. Obtain 5 Horns of Antelope from them, and return to Drunca


Quest Text

When you travel, you have to bring a weapon you can use to protect yourself. Heck, it's even more important than anything other item you might bring because you never know when bandits might come out of nowhere and attack you. But, dammit, my favorite knife, the one I've had for years, broke after I fought with an Orc during my last journey. Hideous creatures, Orcs. Their skin is blunt and hard like steel. It is too bothersome to visit Doltin for him to fix it, so I'm going to take care of this myself.

Oh, hey... do you think you could get me several Horns of Antelope? I should be able to use them to fix my knife... or maybe replace it.

Hey, that could actually work! I'll make a new knife, then I won't have to bother mending my broken knife. Oh, those antelopes are a lot more violent than they look, so you'd better be careful. I'll give you a reward once you return.

Reward Text

Wow, this is a neatly sliced horn. I guess you're not not just some amature. You've been a great help. Now I can leave as scheduled. Here's your reward. Thanks.