Dungeons Overview Edit

(original source: sarahm216, aeriagames forums)

Alliance of Light

Map 1
Cornwell's Seal (Recommended: XX-YY, 20ish)
Cloron Dungeon (lvl 1, 2, 3)(Recommended: 38-YY, 38+)
Map 2
Senechio Cave (Fedion)(Recommended: 23-30ish)
Maitreyan (Recommended: 35-YY)
Elemental Cave (Recommended: 45-YY)
Map 3
Cave of Stigma (Recommended: XX-YY, 54+)
Map 4

Union of Fury

Map 1
Argilla Ruins (Recommended: 15-25ish)
Fantasmas Lair (Recommended: 31-45+)
Map 2
Aidion Neckria (Fear) (Recommended: 35-YY)
Kalamus's House (Recommended: 22-31)
Rubber Chaos (Recommended: 45-YY)
Map 3
Aurizen Ruin (Recommended: 54-YY)
Map 4


Temple of Pharos (Recommended: XX-YY, 24+)

Refer to

  • Karis 2 dungeon lvl 1 (in the 1-60 PvP map) (lv47+)
  • Karis 2 lvl 2, 3 (1-60 PvP map) (lv50+)

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