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Element Cycle

Element Power Cycle

Symbols Edit

Some monsters will have one of 5 symbols over by the circle to the side of the name. The symbols with their meanings are as follow:

Element None Icon None
Element Wind Icon Wind
Element Earth Icon Earth
Element Water Icon Water
Element Fire Icon Fire

These icons indicate the elemental affiliation of a monster. Each element has dominion over one element, but is susceptible to another. Some skills also have elemental affiliations.

Cycle of Power Edit

The cycle of power as illustrated in the image to the right is as follows:

Wind > Earth
Earth > Water
Water > Fire
Fire > Wind

Availability of ElementsEdit

Only the water element is available to Priests and Oracles.

All elements except water are available to Magic man and Assistant. Note, however, that since Mages are from the Alliance of Light and receive a water-enchanted staff, they are thus given access to water based attacks. Pagans, receive a fire-enchanted staff instead and must complete the epic quest to enable the choosing of elements, allowing for a water elemental attack.

See Also Edit

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