Elves are one of four playable Races and are joined with the Humans to form the Alliance of Light.

Races Elf

Male and Female Elf


Methodical, deliberate, and smart are just some of the words used to describe the Elves. The Elves, like the Vail, are descendents from the Dumianas. The Laws of Nature are very important to the Elves, and their society relies on order and discipline. The Elves are in constant conflict in their attempts to keep the monsters of Teos outside of their borders. The magical Elves are the chosen of the beautiful Goddess of Light.

Race Bonus

Elves get a DEX bonus upon creation, all of them having 4 DEX more than other races (see other races articles for different bonuses.)


There are three classes available to the Elves, they are;

Class Icon Ranger Ranger
Class Icon Mage Mage
Class Icon Archer Archer


As standard there are five hairstyles, five faces and five heights to choose from.