Endure Lapis is a lapis that can add endurance bonuses to certain equipment. In total, there are five levels of the Endure Lapis.

Transcluded from: List of Lapides

Lapis Endure Endure Lapis Effect Description
Level 1
Equipment Slot Helmet Helmet Equipment Slot Necklace X 
Equipment Slot Upper Armor Upper Armor Equipment Slot Ring X 
Equipment Slot Lower Armor Lower Armor Equipment Slot Bracelet X 
Equipment Slot Gloves Gloves Equipment Slot Weapon Weapon
Equipment Slot Shoes Shoes Equipment Slot Shield X 
Endurance: +400 Lapis of Golem's ability, which increases Eternal Endurance of weapons [or armor] by an amount.
Level 2 Endurance: +600
Level 3 Endurance: +800
Level 4 Endurance: +1,200
Level 5 Endurance: +1,500

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