Experience or EXP, is needed in order to increase a character's level. A level is gained when 100% of the required experience is obtained.

How to gain Exp

Experience can be gained from quest rewards, by killing monsters of a similar level or through PvP.

For a comprehensive table of experience ratios for monsters of different colors, see Monster Color.

Experience gained from monsters depends on the level difference between the monster and the player.

For a comprehensive table listing the experience gained in each case, see Monster Experience Table.
Exp Loss

If a player is killed, they will lose experience. A player cannot lose a level but will instead remain at 0 EXP.
When the Goddess's blessing is high less experience will be lost

  • 0% ~ 24% blessing is 5% exp loss.
  • 25% ~ 49% blessing is 2.5% exp loss.
  • 50% or more blessing is 0% exp loss.

Experience Grind

The amount of experience needed to level up changes depending on a character's mode. The rate of this experience is known as a 'grind'.

For a full list of experience required to level up, see Experience Table.
Experience from partying
For experience penalty reduction for varying level differences in parties, see Experience Penalty.

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