HP 999999/999999 (ID & HP provided by Rothlyn)

Freezing mirage is the strongest known boss in the game, apart from the cryptic one, which the portal is unlocked to his throne room if you kill Freezing Mirage . His elf form has 3 attacks. Cold Ball is a magic attack with a short aoe range. Meteor Strike has a much greater range and deals significantly more damage than cold ball. Finally, Hell Gate deals similar damage to cold ball, but also does 40% hp damage over time.

When his elf form is killed, his dragon spawns, along with Freezing Symbiont, Freezing Self-Destruction, Freezing Hatchling, Freezing Double Gore, and Freezing Mirage Junior as guard mobs. While the dragon itself cannot attack, the guard mobs inflict heavy damage, and many have stun/slow spells.

When the dragon itself is killed, 3 Goddess class items are dropped, as well as several Tightly Sealed Dragon's Treasure, which has a chance of giving Legend class items, Lv6 lapis, and miscellaneous items.

Freezing mirage

Freezing Mirage in its elf form

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