Many regular players of Shaiya who meet the standards set by the Game Masters can become Game Sages. Game Sages are also known as GS. Most play on the Lailah server.

Shaiya Game Sages include:

  • Wolfheart
  • Blitoris
  • Chivalrous1
  • CoffeeOD -and- CoffeineOD
  • Gerec1337
  • Gwynevere
  • JagoDragon -and- JagoDragon
  • lint03 -and- Cadence
  • Meeeps -and- Meep
  • MorphX2
  • Pit_Viper -and- Galahard
  • ShadowFreak -and- ShadowFreak
  • windshadow2006 -and- Windshadow2006
  • xGrunty -and- xGrunty
  • kajataya -and- Kajat
  • lycanthorp -and- -lycan-
  • jessicaheather -and- Calienne
  • Chaddie4577 -and- KallistaAires
  • Swake -and- MistressTia
  • Tearna -and- Tearna

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