Quest InformationEdit

Given From: Grisel Lisen
Level Requirement: 3
Pre-Requisites: None


Grisel asked you to find necessary materials to make an armor. You have to find the Hunter Larva and collect 7 Shells_of_Larva. After that, you have to give them to Grisel.

You can find the hunter larva if you go down north-east when you have exited the village by the east gate.


100 Experience
1180 Gold
Reward for Assassin
Noble Pelt Protector
Reward for Pagan, Oracle
Noble Toga Protector


Straightforward quest. Kill as many Hunter Larva as you need to collect 7 shells, then return to Grisel to get your reward.


Quest TextEdit

Ah, You came here in the very nick of time. I need your help.

My name is Grisel. My major job is selling, but occasionally I make things.

However, one customer ordered me to make something new. I don't have the materials to meet his demand.

The material I need is Hunter Larva's Shells. I know it is not so difficult to obtain, but the problem is I don't have enough time to collect them all. Can you find only 7 Shells_of_Larva? I'll be waiting, so please come back if you collect them all.

Reward TextEdit

You have collected them all. Well done. This is a reward I promised. This is not small amount of money, good-bye. Stop by sometimes.

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