Lapis can be linked to equipment by a Blacksmith and can be obtained from monsters on the PvP maps and from Guild House Accessory Merchants.

For a List of Lapises , see List of Lapises.
For a Table of Lapises , see Table of Lapises.
Types of Lapis
Icon Name Effect
Lapis Life Life Lapis + HP
Lapis Mental Mental Lapis + MP
Lapis Vigor Vigor Lapis + SP
Lapis Shrewd Shrewd Lapis + DEX
Lapis Craft Craft Lapis + STR
Lapis Fortune Fortune Lapis + LUC
Lapis Mystic Mystic Lapis + INT
Lapis Wise Wise Lapis + WIS
Lapis Safe Safe Lapis + REC
Lapis Assault Assault Lapis + Attack
Lapis Deceive Deceive Lapis + Max. Attack
Lapis Forbid Forbid Lapis + Defense
Lapis Wit Wit Lapis + Resistance
Lapis Endure Endure Lapis + Endurance
Lapis Confusion Confusion Lapis + Delusion

MP damage

Lapis Guide for mage staff/dagger

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