As for the comparison between Int, Assault and Deceive, the final conclusion reached is that, on average the effect of each stat is:

(Matk --> Magic Attack)

+1 Int = +1.3 Matk (or +1.25, not sure but doesn't matter too much) +1 attack power = +1 Matk (Assault Lapis) +1 max attack power = +0.5 Matk (Deceive Lapis)

For level 3 Lapis, we got:

  • +7 Int = +9 Matk
  • +8 Assault = +8 Matk
  • +8 Deceive = +4 Matk

For level 4 Lapis, we got:

  • +10 Int = +13 Matk
  • +16 Assault = +16 Matk
  • +16 Deceive = +8 Matk

For level 5 Lapis:

  • +20 Int = +26 Matk
  • +24 Assaul = +24 Matk
  • +24 Deceive = +12 Matk

As a result, the best lapis damagewise to use in a weapon are in that order: Int lv5, Assault lv5, Assault lv4, Int lv4, Deceive lv5, Int lv3/Assault lv3/Deceive lv4, Int lv2, Assault lv2, Deceive lv3 ...

Deceive lv3 is worse than lv2 lapis too.

Now, the fact that Assault and Deceive can only be put in weapons while Int can go in armors make them somewhat more interesting if you do not have an endless supply of Lapis at hand: Int go in priority in armors, Assault in weapons. Also, Deceive beeing practicaly useless at the same level compared to the other two make for very good temporary boosts for temporary weapons.

Originally posted by Stof25 in the aeriagames forum

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