Linking is the process of adding lapis to equipment with empty slots. Linking can only be done by a Blacksmith.

Adding Lapis

Lapis generally have a very low success rate, but Linking Hammers will increase the chance of success by 10% - 50% and a high Blessing will also help to increase this further. The chance of successfully adding lapis will never exceed 50%, which means there will always be a risk of losing the lapis if it fails.

Lapis Level Purchasing Price Success Rate at Full Blessing Linking Cost at Full Blessing
Level 1 51,400 46% 4,075 Icon Gold
Level 2 119,980 40% 11,230 Icon Gold
Level 3 217,670 31% 22,945 Icon Gold
Level 4 0 16% 137,880 Icon Gold
Level 5 0 8%  
0 | 1%}

Linking Restrictions Edit

Same Type and Level Restriction

Two lapides of the same type AND level cannot be linked to an equipment.

There are special events during which a GM would link a lapis of your choosing to the equipment of your choice. GM Links
Equipment Restriction

Lapides may only be linked to the piece(s) of equipment they are linkable on (mentioned on lapis description).

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