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Name Description
Blue Dragon Charm After Activating the Blue Dragon Charm it causes EXP to decrease by only 1 percent after dying, increases EXP gain by 20% and gives 2 possible Recorded Points.
Double Warehouse Doubles the warehouse size for 30 days. After 30 days, items [in the extra slots] can still be seen but not removed from the warehouse until used again. Restricted to characters currently in use.
Large Increase EXP Obtains 1.5 times EXP for 30 days, and effect remains even after death. Max EXP cannot eceet 200%. Restricted to characters currently in use.
Lucky Charm Keeping this items in your inventory will protect your items from breaking when attempting to combine them with Lapis.
Splint Nostrum Increases moving-speed slightly for 1 hour. Effect vanishes after first death.
Weaponmastery Nostrum Increases attack-speed by 1 hour. Effect vanishes after first death.
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