Mental Lapis is a lapis that can add MP bonuses to certain equipment. In total, there are five levels of the Mental Lapis.

Transcluded from: List of Lapides

Lapis Mental Mental Lapis Effect Description
Level 1
Equipment Slot Helmet Helmet Equipment Slot Necklace Necklace
Equipment Slot Upper Armor Upper Armor Equipment Slot Ring Ring
Equipment Slot Lower Armor Lower Armor Equipment Slot Bracelet Bracelet
Equipment Slot Gloves Gloves Equipment Slot Weapon Weapon
Equipment Slot Shoes Shoes Equipment Slot Shield Shield
MP: +120 Lapis of blessing, which increases max. MP by an amount.
Level 2 MP: +125
Level 3 MP: +200
Level 4 MP: +280
Level 5 MP: +400

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