After the death of the Goddess Etain, other Gods sought to take over Teos by creating monsters.


Intelligent monsters, like the Sealakel, are a treat to both sides

A monster's name will be displayed in a certain color to represent its level. A monster with increased stats for its level is known as a boss.

Many monsters live in clans.

When a monster is killed it has a random chance to drop; gold, items and/or equipment for the character that did the most damage. They will also give experience based on the level difference between them.

Monster ID System (for Monster Levels) Edit

When deciding what monster to hunt, you can tell how much of a challenge they’ll be by clicking on them once to target them. The name of the monster will appear in one of the following colors, depending upon how difficult they are:

Transcluded from Monster Color:

Color Level Experience Given Comments
  White 6 or more below your level None No ex
Light Blue
4 or 5 below your level
Extremely low
  Blue 2 or 3 below your level Low Little Exp. don't bother, unless for a quest maybe.
  Green Your level or ±1 Decent An easy solo target
  Yellow 2 or 3 above your level Good Good and easy experience with a party; slight challenge if going solo (for most classes)
  Orange 4 or 5 above your level Great Great and easy experience with a party; a challenge if going solo (for most classes)
  Red 6 or 7 above your level Great Great and easy experience if partied with a high REC defender or guardian; very difficult to kill solo (for most classes)
  Purple 8 or 9 above your level Phenomenal Great and easy experience if partied with a high level, high REC, Hard Mode or above, defender or guardian; extremely difficult (and not recommended) to kill solo (for most classes)
10 or more above your level
None Not worth it; run away.
For more info on the colors representing monster level, see Monster Color.
For a table of EXP gained for killing monsters, see Monster Experience Table.

Monster List Edit

For A table of Monsters and information about them , see Table of Monsters.

Monsters by MapEdit

Alliance of Light

Union of Fury


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