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Table of Monsters will take the place of this page.

Name Map Label
Ancient God Curse Witch Reikeuseu  
Ancient God Evangelist Reikeuseu  
Ancient God Worshipper Reikeuseu  
Ancient God Believer Reikeuseu  
Arachne Patroller Reikeuseu  
Arachne Assassin Reikeuseu  
Asina Reikeuseu  
Arachne Captor Reikeuseu  
Arachne Guardian Reikeuseu  
Arachne Disorderly Reikeuseu  
Big Grinding Teeth Boar Reikeuseu  
Black Claw Succubus Reikeuseu  
Black Hand Succubus Reikeuseu  
Black Skull Succubus Reikeuseu  
Black Skull Kobalt Warrior Reikeuseu  
Blackskull Kobalt Soldier Reikeuseu  
Blackskull Skeleton Soldier Reikeuseu  
Bloodmoon Helltooth Patrol Reikeuseu  
Bloodmoon helltooth Hunter Reikeuseu  
Bloodsucking Gallus Reikeuseu  
Chaser Kobolt Reikeuseu  
Cold Breath Succubus Reikeuseu  
Corrosive Poison Spotted Spider Reikeuseu  
Crazy Breath Wild Boar Reikeuseu  
Crazyeye Gray Bear Reikeuseu  
Crow Swamp Bison Reikeuseu  
Crow Swamp Gray bear Reikeuseu  
Crow swamp Big Jar Frog Reikeuseu  
Crow Swamp Big Frog Reikeuseu  
Dark Swamp Gray Bear Reikeuseu  
DoomFire Black Puma Reikeuseu  
DoomFire HellTooth Attendant Reikeuseu  
DoomFire HellTooth Fighter Reikeuseu  
DoomFire HellTooth Sentinel Reikeuseu  
DoomFire HellTooth Warrior Reikeuseu  
DoomFire HellTooth Hero Reikeuseu  
Edged Blade Feather Gallus Reikeuseu  
Gigantic Gray Bear Reikeuseu  
Gigantic Meat-eating Toad Reikeuseu  
Gril Reikeuseu  
Hunter Attack Spider Reikeuseu  
Hunter Larva Reikeuseu  
Jardo Reikeuseu  
Long Canine Black Puma Reikeuseu  
Mad Dust Bison Reikeuseu  
Maneating Gallus Reikeuseu  
Maned Wild Boar Reikeuseu  
Mountain Shadow Gray Wolf Reikeuseu  
Mountain Ridge Gray Wolf Reikeuseu  
Mutated Arachne Watcher Reikeuseu  
Mutated Arachne Combater Reikeuseu  
Mutated Arachne Berserk Reikeuseu  
Nightmare Ambush Soldier Reikeuseu  
Nightmare Attack Soldier Reikeuseu  
Nightmare Bodyguard Reikeuseu  
Nightmare Charge Soldier Reikeuseu  
Nightmare Suppression Soldier Reikeuseu  
Pinote Reikeuseu  
Poison Beak Gallus Reikeuseu  
Poison Larva Reikeuseu  
Poison Spider Reikeuseu  
Poison Web Spider Reikeuseu  
Rough Hair Attack Spider Reikeuseu  
Rough Hair Black Puma Reikeuseu  
Round Horn Bison Reikeuseu  
Rough Gray Hair Wolf Reikeuseu  
Rough Ground Gigantic Wild Boar Reikeuseu  
Rough Ground Tiny Wild Boar Reikeuseu  
Rotton Ground Zombi Reikeuseu  
Ruined Ghost Reikeuseu  
Short Tail Black Puma Reikeuseu  
Steel Teeth Gray Wolf Reikeuseu  
Strong Poison Larva Reikeuseu  
Stonepeg Goblin Fighter Reikeuseu  
Stonepeg Goblin Shaman Reikeuseu  
Stonepeg Goblin Chaser Reikeuseu  
Stonepeg Goblin Clan Leader Reikeuseu  
Stonepeg Goblin Warrior Reikeuseu  
Wedgerock Kobolt Watcher Reikeuseu  
Wedgerock Kobolt Worker Reikeuseu  
Wedgerock Kobolt Captain Reikeuseu  
Wedgerock Kobolt Fighter Reikeuseu  
Small Jaw Dappled Spider Reikeuseu  
Steel Beak Gallus Reikeuseu  
Soldier Larva Reikeuseu  
Strong Jaw Gray Wolf Reikeuseu  
Vagabond Corpse Reikeuseu  
Viper Fortuneteller Reikeuseu  
Viper Spellbinder Reikeuseu  
Viper Devil Guard Reikeuseu  
Viper Darkness Mage Reikeuseu  
Viper Spellbinder Reikeuseu  
Worker Larva Reikeuseu  
Absalras Keuraijen  
Aracky Woods Archne Warrior Keuraijen  
Aracky Woods Arachne Fighter Keuraijen  
Aracky Woods Wolf Spider Keuraijen  
Araky Woods Poisonforg Keuraijen  
Araky Woods Frog Keuraijen  
Araky Woods Larva Keuraijen  
Ashalra Nightrunner Keuraijen  
Aulen Keuraijen  
Baral Keuraijen  
Ballas Tatoramo Keuraijen  
Blood snatcher Keuraijen  
Bulta Keuraijen  
Commander Willion Rigun Keuraijen  
Deamonstone Helltooth Low C Keuraijen  
Deamonstone Helltooth Trainer Keuraijen  
Deamonstone Helltooth Priest Keuraijen  
Deamonstone Helltooth Leader Keuraijen  
Deamonstone Helltooth Highrank Keuraijen  
Deamonstone Helltooth Low Class Keuraijen  
Deamonstone Helltooth Attan Keuraijen  
Deamonstone Guardian Keuraijen  
Depone Keuraijen  
Dragon Dens Grey Wolf Keuraijen  
Dragon Dens Strong Jaw Wolf Keuraijen  
Dragon Dens Hatchling Keuraijen  
Dragon Dens Magician Keuraijen  
Dragon Dens Knight Keuraijen  
Dragon Dens Commander Keuraijen  
Dragon Dens Fighter Keuraijen  
Ezzella Keuraijen  
Forest Guard Beholder Keuraijen  
Gigas Bison Keuraijen  
Gigas Wild Boar Keuraijen  
Gigas Larva Keuraijen  
Gigas Tatoramo Keuraijen  
Gigas Goblin Hunter Keuraijen  
Gigas Swamp Watcher Keuraijen  
Gigas Swamp Safeguard watcher Keuraijen  
Gigas Gigantic Frog Keuraijen  
Greenbare Elf Wizard Keuraijen  
Greenbare Elf Ranger Keuraijen  
Greenbare Elf Archer Keuraijen  
Hagrid Keuraijen  
Haul Katsuran Keuraijen  
Interpidman Shoserblock Keuraijen  
Karashien Keuraijen  
Kalragu Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Antelope Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Black Leopard Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Big Bison Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Bison Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Big Brown Bear Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Bloodsucking Wolf Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Gallus Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Gigantic Spider Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Large Black Leopard Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Larva Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Maneating Wild Boar Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Poison Mist Zombie Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Poison Mist Zompie Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Sad Soul Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Sawtooth Wild Beast Keuraijen  
Kioshyas Keuraijen  
Leader Ballakashi Keuraijen  
Lympros Keuraijen  
Mores Frog Keuraijen  
Mores Pixie Keuraijen  
Mores Gallus Keuraijen  
Mores Gray Wolf Keuraijen  
Necromancer Dulrahan Keuraijen  
Penrid's Son Keuraijen  
Quvellea Keuraijen  
Queen Equiria Keuraijen  
Ruined Guard Spirit Keuraijen  
Seaclad Sealakel Hunter Keuraijen  
Seaclad Sealakel Guard Keuraijen  
Seaclad Sealakel Warrior Keuraijen  
Seaclad Sealakel Summoner Keuraijen  
Seaclad Sealakel Priest Keuraijen  
Seaclad Sealakel Fighter Keuraijen  
Seaclad Sealakel Looter Keuraijen  
Silverpick Goblin Hunter Keuraijen  
Silverpick Goblin Patroller Keuraijen  
Silverpick Goblin Fighter Keuraijen  
Silverpick Goblin Warrior Keuraijen  
Silverpick Goblin Sentinel Keuraijen  
Silverpick Goblin Priest Keuraijen  
Silverpick Goblin Shaman Keuraijen  
Siclid Summoner Keuraijen  
Siclid Warrior Keuraijen  
Siclid Fighter Keuraijen  
Siclid Priest Keuraijen  
Adeurian Big Stone Golem Adeurian 1
Adeurian Small Stone Golem Adeurian 2
Adeurian Golem Watcher Adeurian 3
Arena Gorge Harpy Adeurian 4
Arena Cutting Wind Gorge Harpy Adeurian 5
Arena Stronghold Large Lander Adeurian 6
Arena Stronghold Small Lander Adeurian 7
Aurizen Ruin Beholder Adeurian 8
Aurizen Ruin Destroyer Adeurian 9
Aurizen Ruin Gargoyle Adeurian 10
Aurizen Ruin Guard Adeurian 11
Aurizen Ruin Gigantic Black Puma Adeurian 12
Aurizen Ruin Lander Adeurian 13
Aurizen Steel Golem Adeurian 14
Aurizen Ruin Witch Crafter Adeurian 15
Aurizen Ruin Magician Adeurian 16
Aurizen Ruin Necromancer Adeurian 17
Blooddagger Assasin Adeurian 18
Blooddagger Guard Adeurian 19
Blooddagger Looter Adeurian 20
Flamethrower Goblin Adeurian 21
Flamethrower Liche Adeurian 22
Futeisys Watcher Adeurian 23
Futeisys Guard Adeurian 24
Futeisys Low Class Knight Adeurian 25
Futeisys High Class Knight Adeurian 26
Genetic Alchemist Adeurian 27
Genetic Cicubus Adeurian 28
Genetik Mutation zombie Adeurian 29
Genetik Nightmare Adeurian 30
Genetik Poison Mist Zombie Adeurian 31
Genetik Viper Adeurian 32
Hecatates Elf Chaser Adeurian 33
Hecatates Elf Commander Adeurian 34
Hecatates Elf Deputy Commander Adeurian 35
Hecatates Elf High Class soldier Adeurian 36
Hecatates Elf Lowclass soldier Adeurian 37
Hecatates Elf Watcher Adeurian 38
Hellfire Soldier Adeurian 39
Kalado Gentle Breeze Wind Harpy Adeurian 40
Kalado North Easterly Wind Adeurian 41
Kalado Tuttaramo Adeurian 42
Kalado West Wind Harpy Adeurian 43
Kalado Woods Elf Adeurian 44
Merudes Archane Fighter Adeurian 45
Merudes Archane Warrior Adeurian 46
Merudes Gallus Adeurian 47
Metinnis Guard Adeurian 48
Metinnis High Class Summoner Adeurian 49
Metinnis Sealakel Hunter Adeurian 50
Metinnis Sealakel Priest Adeurian 51
Metinnis Sealakel Summoner Adeurian 52
Metinnis Sealakel Warrior Adeurian 53
Nikelsaw Goblin Hunter Adeurian 54
Nikelsaw Goblin Priest Adeurian 55
Nikelsaw Goblin Looter Adeurian 56
Nikelsaw Goblin Shaman Adeurian 57
Nikelsaw Goblin Stone Thrower Adeurian 58
Nikelsaw Goblin Warrior Adeurian 59
Nikelsaw Goblin Watcher Adeurian 60
Shabel Ikeburn Kobolt Guard Adeurian 61
Shabel Ikeburn Kobolt Worker Adeurian 62
Sprinter Elf Archer Adeurian 63
Sprinter Elf High Class knight Adeurian 64
Sprinter Elf Low Class knight Adeurian 65
Sprinter Elf Magician Adeurian 66
Sprinter Elf Necromancer Adeurian 67
Sprinter Elf Ranger Adeurian 68
Sprinter Elf Sniper Adeurian 69
Sprinter Elf Squad leader Adeurian 70
Sprinter Elf Watcher Adeurian 71
Vagabon Sealaker Warrior Adeurian 72
Wedgerock Kobolt High Class Adeurian 73
Wedgerock Kobolt Low Class Adeurian 74
Wedgerock Tatoramo Adeurian 75
Wedgerock Trainer Adeurian 76
Whittard River Hydra Adeurian 77
Whittard Town Ghost Adeurian 78
Acre Adeurian A
Altius Adeurian B
Bluewater Adeurian C
Buffy Adeurian D
Curen Adeurian E
David Boreanz Adeurian F
Disorderly Zunarshirr Adeurian G
Flame Guard Wyvern Adeurian H
Garess Adeurian I
Ginevia Adeurian J
Gourmand Adeurian K
Hazsh Adeurian L
Highnon Adeurian M
Hinatiel Adeurian N
King Gayner Adeurian O
Kutiss Adeurian P
Kent Oldman Adeurian Q
Lazsh Adeurian R
Master of the Whittard River Adeurian S
Medusa Adeurian T
Metennis Guard Spirit Adeurian U
Osmum Adeurian V
Ripley Adeurian W
Robin Hood Adeurian X
Ruzrat Adeurian Y
Tamias Kalreion Adeurian Z
Tarakins Adeurian AA
Zann Phantom Theif Adeurian BB
Wild Antelope Erina 5
Chief Antelope Erina 20
Rockthorn Antelope Erina 40
Rough Hair Antelope Erina 60
Cornwell Forest Big Horn Antelope Erina 70
Edged Blade Horn Antelope Erina 74
Windtale Forest Large Brown Bear Erina 13
Windtale Forest Brown Bear Erina 16
Cornwell Brown Bear Erina 27
Deaf Big Bear Erina 47
Wild Field Bear Erina 54
Forest Ranger Brown Bear Erina 65
Vagabond Big Brown Bear Erina 66
Windtale Forest Wild Boar Erina 1
Windtale Forest Large Wild Boar Erina 15
Rakenose Field Boar Erina 46
Wild Boar Erina 61
Thief Boar Erina 84
Cloron Guard Erina 36
Cloron Ogre Erina 37
Cloron Patroler Erina 38
Cloron Goblin Erina 39
Chief Ogre Erina 41
Ogre Hunter Erina 42
Ogre Patroler Erina 43
Kaznil Erina 93
Dwarf Bandit Erina 83
Dwarf Sword Fighter Erina 86
Kerioter Guard Erina 87
Kerioter Worker Erina 88
Kerioter Skilled Master Erina 89
Kerioter Fighter Erina 90
Kerioter Miner Erina 92
Fox Erina 7
Bulbuous Eye Fox Erina 14
Rough Tail Fox Erina 18
Renar Erina 21
Blood Tear Ground Ghost Erina 28
Great Tree Haunting Ghost Erina 29
Small Ground Ghost Erina 30
Cloron Evil Spirit Erina 33
Cloron Ghost Erina 34
Stonepick Goblin Sword Fighter Erina 78
Stonepick Goblin Shaman Erina 79
Stonepick Goblin Chaser Erina 80
Burglar Erina 81
Stonepick Goblin Sentinel Erina 82
Leopardess Warrior Erina 22
Leopardess Chaser Erina 23
Eolith Erina 25
Treeshade Monkey Erina 3
Small Thief Monkey Erina 6
Thief Monkey Erina 7
Grimaxe Orc Fighter Erina 8
Grimaxe Orc Warrior Erina 9
Grimaxe Orc Shaman Erina 10
Cloron Orc Warrior Erina 31
Cloron Orc Gladiator Erina 32
Sword Tail Sealakel Fighter Erina 49
Sword Tail Sealakel Wizard Erina 50
Sword Tail Sealakel Sentinel Erina 51
Sword Tail Sealakel Combatant Erina 52
Dolama Erina 53
Discus Sealakel Summoner Erina 56
Discus Sealakel Warrior Erina 57
Discus Sealakel Wizard Erina 58
Discus Sealakel Hero Erina 59
Delono Erina 91
Windtail Forest Wood Sprite Erina 11
Windtail Forest Guard Wood Sprite Erina 12
Isprit Erina 35
Withered Branch Wood Sprite Erina 44
Whip Branch Wood Sprite Erina 45
Peasant Toad Erina 48
Gigantic Toad Erina 67
Cornwell Toad Erina 75
Windtail Forest Little Wolf Erina 2
Windtail Forest Small Ear Wolf Erina 17
Windtail Forest Wolf Erina 19
Chief Group Wolf Erina 24
Strong Jaw Group Wolf Erina 55
Blunt Wolf Erina 62
Luper Erina 63
Group Wolf Teeth Erina 64
Cornwell Forest Ghost Wolf Erina 68
Cornwell Forest Large Ghost Wolf Erina 71
Blunt Teeth Wolf Erina 85
Vagabond Zombie Erina 26
Rusted Poising Zombie Erina 69
Vicious Ancient Corpse Erina 72
Sticky Liquid Zombie Erina 76
Cornwell Forest Zombie Erina 77
Frost Woods Bison Willieoseu 13
Frost Woods Antelope Willieoseu 14
Fedion Antelope Willieoseu 85
Madhorn Willieoseu 123
Willieoseu Big Claw Brown Bear Willieoseu 4
Ridge Red Bear Willieoseu 32
Maitreyan Brown Bear Willieoseu 50
Fedion Angryeye Brown Bear Willieoseu 72
Frost Woods Wild Boar Willieoseu 15
Fedion Angry Nose Wild Boar Willieoseu 82
Frost Woods Golem Willieoseu 11
Frost Woods Gargoyle Willieoseu 12
Maitreyan Guard Statue Willieoseu 47
Crazy Crying Gargoyle Willieoseu 70
Question Familiar Willieoseu 71
Fedion Magic Golem Willieoseu 73
Fedion Golem Trainer Willieoseu 74
Lordrock’s Guardian Willieoseu 92
Elaste Gargoyle Willieoseu 93
Elaste Stone Golem Willieoseu 94
Elaste Bronze Golem Willieoseu 95
Doraphos Willieoseu 104
Lordrock Willieoseu 126
Blackbeard Fighter Willieoseu 23
Blackbeard The First Mate Willieoseu 24
Blackbeard Shipmaster Willieoseu 25
Bloody Inquistor Willieoseu 26
Blackbeard The Second Mate Willieoseu 27
Blackbeard Deck Hand Willieoseu 28
Blackbeard Swordfighter Willieoseu 29
Blackbeard Slave Willieoseu 30
Blackbeard Seeker Willieoseu 31
Subcaptain Turbako Willieoseu 105
Steersman Greed Willieoseu 106
Chief Mate Clooney Willieoseu 107
Carpenter Jepito Willieoseu 108
Mean Sneaky Willieoseu 109
Stone Hammer Dwarf Explorer Willieoseu 59
StoneHammer Dwarf Defense Willieoseu 88
StoneHammer Dwarf Miner Willieoseu 89
StoneHammer Dwarf Skilled Master Willieoseu 90
Stone hammer Dwarf Worker Willieoseu 91
Crome Stonehammer Willieoseu 124
Drinker Brud Willieoseu 125
Fedion Longtail Fox Willieoseu 76
Fedion Black Feet Fox Willieoseu 79
Fedion Big Fox Willieoseu 81
Fedion Deadly Poison Frog Willieoseu 77
Fedion Poison Frog Willieoseu 80
WaterWen Old Man Willieoseu 129
RockShovel Goblin Bodyguard Willieoseu 51
RockShovel Goblin Leader Willieoseu 52
RockShovel Goblin Geomancer Willieoseu 53
RockShovel Goblin Butcher Willieoseu 54
RockShovel Goblin Digger Willieoseu 55
Kerlak Willieoseu 114
Willieoseu Harpy Warrior Willieoseu 7
Willerseu Harpy Illusionist Willieoseu 8
Willieoseu Harpy Magician Willieoseu 9
Sairefons Harpy Willieoseu 67
Manuma Willieoseu 103
Madwing Willieoseu 121
Frost Woods Leopardess Willieoseu 10
Fedion Leopardess Chaser Willieoseu 83
Fedion Leopardess Hunter Willieoseu 84
Fedion Leopardess Butcher Willieoseu 86
Frost Woods Big Leopard Willieoseu 17
Frost Woods Spotted Leopard Willieoseu 18
Frost Woods Small Leopard Willieoseu 19
Willerseu Leopard Willieoseu 58
Willieoseu Big Monkey Willieoseu 56
Willieoseu Monkey Trainer Willieoseu 57
Fedion Thief Monkey Willieoseu 87
Maitreyan Orc Spirit Willieoseu 38
Maitreyan Legionary Soldier Willieoseu 39
Maitreyan Shrine Royal Guard Willieoseu 40
Maitreyan Priest Willieoseu 41
Maitreyan God’s Servant Willieoseu 42
Maitreyan Shrine Attacker Willieoseu 43
Blood Wolf Attacker Willieoseu 44
Grimaxe Orc Thief Willieoseu 65
Grimaxe Orc Robber Willieoseu 66
Willieoseu Tree Watcher Willieoseu 97
Willieoseu Tree Guard Willieoseu 98
*** Willieoseu 110
Bashtark Willieoseu 111
Dratan Willieoseu 112
Cruel Willieoseu 113
Talratan Willieoseu 118
Maitreyan Nepenthes Willieoseu 36
Willieoseu Nepenthes Willieoseu 96
Eldain Woods Sealkel Fighter Willieoseu 1
Eldain Woods Sealkel Summoner Willieoseu 2
Swordtail Sealkel Hunter Willieoseu 49
Swordtail Sealkel Disorderly Willieoseu 60
Swordtail Sealkel Fighter Willieoseu 61
Swordtail Sealkel Shaman Willieoseu 62
Swordtail Sealkel Priest Willieoseu 63
Fedion Insane Sealkel Willieoseu 78
Priest Dempnun Willieoseu 115
Inositol Willieoseu 116
Mad Fisher Willieoseu 122
Eldain Woods Pixie Willieoseu 3
Maitreyan Wood Guard Willieoseu 37
Soul Extortor Willieoseu 20
White Sand Resident Corpse Willieoseu 21
White Sand Gloogy Girl Willieoseu 22
Frost Woods Zombi Willieoseu 34
Maitreyan Beholder Willieoseu 48
Sairefons Watcher Willieoseu 68
Willieoseu Big Gray Wolf Willieoseu 5
Willerseu Canine Wolf Willieoseu 6
Fedion Wolf Willieoseu 75
Maitreyan Wyvern Willieoseu 46
Maelstorm Wyvern Willieoseu 64
Bacaras Willieoseu 117
Ancient Ruin Destroyer Willieoseu 16
Frost Woods Looter Willieoseu 33
Frost Woods Killer Willieoseu 35
Maitreyan Gigantic Spider Willieoseu 45
Sairefons Larva Willieoseu 69
Ezolob Willieoseu 101
Chief Silver Willieoseu 102
Formal Wills Willieoseu 119
Julia Dillun Willieoseu 120
Freezing Mirage Willieoseu 127
Sien Avilross Willieoseu 128
Primonium High Class Warrior Adellia 1
Primonium Low Class Warrior Adellia 2
Primonium Deputy Commander Adellia 3
Primonium Squad Leader Adellia 4
Bigeye Tatoramo Adellia 5
Branch Horn Big Larva Adellia 6
Aquilus Tor Viper Adellia 7
Aquilus Tor Succubus Adellia 8
Aquilus Tor Beholder Adellia 9
Aquilus Tor Iron Golem Adellia 10
Lipiluss Patroler Adellia 11
Lipiluss Low Class Warrior Adellia 12
Lipiluss High Class Warrior Adellia 13
Lipiluss Squad Leader Adellia 14
Barren Ground Arachne Watcher Adellia 15
Barren Ground Arachne Captor Adellia 16
Nightmare Beetle Hunter Adellia 17
Barren Ground Arachne Fighter Adellia 18
Barren Ground Arachne Warrior Adellia 19
Dead Field Guard Adellia 20
Dead Field Soul Watcher Adellia 21
Dead Field Wyvern Adellia 22
WarEdge Orc Legionary Soldier Adellia 23
WarEdge Orc Squad Leader Adellia 24
WarEdge Orc Patroler Adellia 25
Black Breath Chaser Adellia 26
Black Breath Assasin Adellia 27
Burning Stone Dwarf Nightguard Adellia 28
Burning Stone Dwarf Worker Adellia 29
Burning Stone Skilled Dwarf Master Adellia 30
Burning Stone Dwarf Supervisor Adellia 31
BlackMaul Dwarf Nightguard Adellia 32
BlackMaul Dwarf Worker Adellia 33
BlackMaul Skilled Dwarf Master Adellia 34
BlackMaul Dwarf Supervisor Adellia 35
Harpy Guard Adellia 36
Harpy Wind Wizard Adellia 37
Black Breath Blackmarket Dealer Adellia 38
Black Breath Loot Adellia 39
West Wind Harpy Adellia 40
Northeasterly Wind Harpy Adellia 41
South Wind Harpy Adellia 42
Small Eye Tatoramo Adellia 43
Sumatra Sealkel Chaser Adellia 44
Edged Blade Wind Harpy Warrior Adellia 45
Edged Blade Wind Harpy Summoner Adellia 46
WarEdge Orc Nightguard Adellia 47
WarEdge Orc Archer Adellia 48
WarEdge Orc Shaman Adellia 49
WarEdge Orc Warrior Adellia 50
BlackMaul Dwarf Digger Adellia 51
BlackMaul Dwarf Explorer Adellia 52
BurningStone Dwarf Digger Adellia 53
Burning Stone Dwarf Explorer Adellia 54
Sumatra Sealkel Priest Adellia 55
Sumatra Sealkel Shaman Adellia 56
Sumatra Sealkel Hunter(Greater) Adellia 57
Sumatra Sealkel Strong Fighter Adellia 58
Sumatra Sealkel Summoner Adellia 59
Sumatra Sealkel Hunter(Lesser) Adellia 60
Sumatra Sealkel Watcher Adellia 61
CopperPeg Goblin Watcher Adellia 62
CarperPeg Goblin Stonethrower Adellia 63
CopperPeg Goblin Priest Adellia 64
CopperPeg Goblin Watcher Adellia 65
Adellia Lander Adellia 66
Adellia Stone Golem Adellia 67
CopperPeg Goblin Looter Adellia 68
CopperPeg Goblin Warrior Adellia 69
Black Breath Thief Adellia 70
Black Breath Pickpocketer Adellia 71
Black Breath Robber(Lesser) Adellia 72
Black Breath Gravedigger Adellia 73
Black Breath Mountain Guard Adellia 74
Black Breath Bandit Adellia 75
Black Breath Robber(Greater) Adellia 76
Black Breath Subforeman Adellia 77
Commander Crotum Adellia A
Moraz Adellia B
Nightrunner Adellia C
Proll Burning Stone Adellia D
Serin Burning Stone Adellia E
Master Wesler Adellia F
KibaTul Adellia G
Spisus Adellia H
Chief of Clan Moraishi Adellia I
Steel Forearm Adellia J
Speedy Hand Mec Adellia K
Boss Turnid Adellia L
Scorching Rock Adellia M
Priest Pero Adellia N
Skulleron Large Tongs Larva Skulleron 1
Skulleron Green Monkey Skulleron 2
Skulleron Big Ear Gnome Skulleron 3
Ellyuteion Basilisk Skulleron 4
Ellyuteion Blue Wing Pixie Skulleron 5
Skulleron Iron Bear Skulleron 6
Black Hair Meat-eating Bison Skulleron 7
Black Hair Man-eating bear Skulleron 8
Skulleron Deatheater Conqueror Skulleron 9
Skulleron Deatheater Fighter Skulleron 10
Skulleron Vail Wizard Skulleron 11
Skulleron Vail Fighter Skulleron 12
Skulleron Vail Leader Skulleron 13
Skulleron Vail Combater Skulleron 14
Skulleron Vail Summoner Skulleron 15
PiHunts Clan Viper Dark Wizard Skulleron 16
PiHunts Clan Viper Summoner Skulleron 17
Skulleron Deatheater Warrior Skulleron 18
Skulleron Deatheater Commander Skulleron 19
Skulleron Deatheater Archer Skulleron 20
Mirros Oread Skulleron 21
Mirros Big Wing Harpy Skulleron 22
Mirros Spirit Symbiot Skulleron 23
Skulleron Iron Wolf Skulleron 24
Skulleron Man-eating Wolf Skulleron 25
Mirros Tiger Skulleron 26
Big Tongs Green Larva Skulleron 27
Big Cannine Tiger Skulleron 28
Mirros Red Hair Tiger Skulleron 29
Mirros Leopard Skulleron 30
Red Hair Big Horn Monkey Skulleron 31
Red Hair Brown Bear Skulleron 32
Red Dappled Big Tongs Larva Skulleron 33
LavaStone Lander Skulleron 34
Skulleron Steel Golem Skulleron 35
Ignorant Strong Lander Skulleron 36
Skulleron Man-eating Wild Boar Skulleron 37
Skulleron Wild Boar Skulleron 38
Skulleron Half-Moon Bear Skulleron 39
Ellyuteion Plump Lizard Skulleron 40
Black Spear Leopardess Skulleron 41
Birdlime Insect-eating Evi… Skulleron 42
Gigantic Meat-eating Wild Boar Skulleron 43
Angry Big Bear Skulleron 44
Red Poison Sting Larva Skulleron 45
Ellyuteion Wyvern Skulleron 46
Ellyuteion Viper Skulleron 47
Skulleron Stone Golem Skulleron 48
Haras Ifrit Combater Skulleron 49
Haras Wyvern Patroler Skulleron 50
Haras Croco Commander Skulleron 51
Mirros Troll Guard Skulleron 52
Mirros Troll Fighter Skulleron 53
Mirros Golem Skulleron 54
Mirros HellTooth Conqueror Skulleron 55
Mirros HellTooth Parasite Skulleron 56
Mirros HellTooth Leader Skulleron 57
Skulleron Larva Skulleron 58
Skulleron White Stripe Spider Skulleron 59
Skulleron Golden Spider Skulleron 60
Ellyuteion Undine Skulleron 61

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