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This is a list of monsters that can be found in Adeurian.

Monsters in Adeurian Spawn Map

Monster Spawn Map

Dungeon Monsters

Adeurian's Monsters

Transcluded from: Monsters Located

Name Map Label
Adeurian Big Stone Golem Adeurian 1
Adeurian Small Stone Golem Adeurian 2
Adeurian Golem Watcher Adeurian 3
Arena Gorge Harpy Adeurian 4
Arena Cutting Wind Gorge Harpy Adeurian 5
Arena Stronghold Large Lander Adeurian 6
Arena Stronghold Small Lander Adeurian 7
Aurizen Ruin Beholder Adeurian 8
Aurizen Ruin Destroyer Adeurian 9
Aurizen Ruin Gargoyle Adeurian 10
Aurizen Ruin Guard Adeurian 11
Aurizen Ruin Gigantic Black Puma Adeurian 12
Aurizen Ruin Lander Adeurian 13
Aurizen Steel Golem Adeurian 14
Aurizen Ruin Witch Crafter Adeurian 15
Aurizen Ruin Magician Adeurian 16
Aurizen Ruin Necromancer Adeurian 17
Blooddagger Assasin Adeurian 18
Blooddagger Guard Adeurian 19
Blooddagger Looter Adeurian 20
Flamethrower Goblin Adeurian 21
Flamethrower Liche Adeurian 22
Futeisys Watcher Adeurian 23
Futeisys Guard Adeurian 24
Futeisys Low Class Knight Adeurian 25
Futeisys High Class Knight Adeurian 26
Genetic Alchemist Adeurian 27
Genetic Cicubus Adeurian 28
Genetik Mutation zombie Adeurian 29
Genetik Nightmare Adeurian 30
Genetik Poison Mist Zombie Adeurian 31
Genetik Viper Adeurian 32
Hecatates Elf Chaser Adeurian 33
Hecatates Elf Commander Adeurian 34
Hecatates Elf Deputy Commander Adeurian 35
Hecatates Elf High Class soldier Adeurian 36
Hecatates Elf Lowclass soldier Adeurian 37
Hecatates Elf Watcher Adeurian 38
Hellfire Soldier Adeurian 39
Kalado Gentle Breeze Wind Harpy Adeurian 40
Kalado North Easterly Wind Adeurian 41
Kalado Tuttaramo Adeurian 42
Kalado West Wind Harpy Adeurian 43
Kalado Woods Elf Adeurian 44
Merudes Archane Fighter Adeurian 45
Merudes Archane Warrior Adeurian 46
Merudes Gallus Adeurian 47
Metinnis Guard Adeurian 48
Metinnis High Class Summoner Adeurian 49
Metinnis Sealakel Hunter Adeurian 50
Metinnis Sealakel Priest Adeurian 51
Metinnis Sealakel Summoner Adeurian 52
Metinnis Sealakel Warrior Adeurian 53
Nikelsaw Goblin Hunter Adeurian 54
Nikelsaw Goblin Priest Adeurian 55
Nikelsaw Goblin Looter Adeurian 56
Nikelsaw Goblin Shaman Adeurian 57
Nikelsaw Goblin Stone Thrower Adeurian 58
Nikelsaw Goblin Warrior Adeurian 59
Nikelsaw Goblin Watcher Adeurian 60
Shabel Ikeburn Kobolt Guard Adeurian 61
Shabel Ikeburn Kobolt Worker Adeurian 62
Sprinter Elf Archer Adeurian 63
Sprinter Elf High Class knight Adeurian 64
Sprinter Elf Low Class knight Adeurian 65
Sprinter Elf Magician Adeurian 66
Sprinter Elf Necromancer Adeurian 67
Sprinter Elf Ranger Adeurian 68
Sprinter Elf Sniper Adeurian 69
Sprinter Elf Squad leader Adeurian 70
Sprinter Elf Watcher Adeurian 71
Vagabon Sealaker Warrior Adeurian 72
Wedgerock Kobolt High Class Adeurian 73
Wedgerock Kobolt Low Class Adeurian 74
Wedgerock Tatoramo Adeurian 75
Wedgerock Trainer Adeurian 76
Whittard River Hydra Adeurian 77
Whittard Town Ghost Adeurian 78
Acre Adeurian A
Altius Adeurian B
Bluewater Adeurian C
Buffy Adeurian D
Curen Adeurian E
David Boreanz Adeurian F
Disorderly Zunarshirr Adeurian G
Flame Guard Wyvern Adeurian H
Garess Adeurian I
Ginevia Adeurian J
Gourmand Adeurian K
Hazsh Adeurian L
Highnon Adeurian M
Hinatiel Adeurian N
King Gayner Adeurian O
Kutiss Adeurian P
Kent Oldman Adeurian Q
Lazsh Adeurian R
Master of the Whittard River Adeurian S
Medusa Adeurian T
Metennis Guard Spirit Adeurian U
Osmum Adeurian V
Ripley Adeurian W
Robin Hood Adeurian X
Ruzrat Adeurian Y
Tamias Kalreion Adeurian Z
Tarakins Adeurian AA
Zann Phantom Theif Adeurian BB

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