Map 4 Lanhaarr (Astenes)

50 Astenes Iron Wild Boar ---- 2

Astenes Old Antelope            ----  1

51 Astenes Angry Half-moon Be Earth 22

Astenes Red Wolf Spider         ----  3
Astenes White Monkey            Earth 21
Astenes White Stripe Spide      ----  27

52 Astenes Iron Bison ---- 29

Astenes Iron Wolf               ----  28
Large Tongs Five-coloured L     ----  31
Prove Clan Goblin Warrior       Earth 16
Prove Clan Goblin Watcher       Earth 14

53 Angry Iron Brown Bear Fire 30

Astenes Leaf of Grass Summ      Earth 23
Astenes Green Monkey            Earth 24
Crusian Edged Blade Succub      Earth 36
Crusian Viper                   Earth 37
Hungkerr Viper Hunter           Water 9
Naluncas Dappled Mutation       Earth 17
Naluncas Orc Warrior            Earth 16
Prove Clan Goblin Leader        Earth 13
Prove Clan Goblin Strategi      Earth 12

54 Astenes Human Fighter Earth 59

Astenes Human Patroler          Earth 48
Crusian Arachne                 Earth 66
Crusian Brown Bear              Fire  65
Grave Clan Five-Footed Spe      Earth 34
Hungkerr Viper Wizard           Water 8
Naluncas Orc Wizard             Earth 18
Naluncas White Stripe Muta      Earth 19
Redeye Black Bear               Earth 32

55 Antrax Contagious Brown Be Earth 33

Astenes Human Wizard            Earth 46
Crusian Bold Miner              Earth 58
Crusian Strong Miner            Earth 57
Grave Clan Five-Footed Arc      Earth 35
Grave Clan Four-Footed Cap      Earth 39
Grave Clan Four-Footed War      Earth 38
Hungkerr Chaos Pixie            Water 10
Hungkerr Chaos Succubus         Water 11
Hungkerr Curse Succubus         Water 7
Hungkerr Dark Succubus          Water 4
Naluncas Mutation Orc Sold      Earth 26
Naluncas Orc Archer Captai      Earth 20
Naluncas Orc Leader             Earth 25

56 Astenes Elf Warrior Fire 51

Astenes Elf Watcher             Fire  50
Astenes Human Commander         Fire  47
Astenes Human Spearman          Earth 60
Crusian Long Beard Miner        Earth
Crusian Lost Miner              Fire  55
Endia Evil Spirit               Fire  56
Endia Evil Spirit Gargoyle      Fire  43
Endia Evil Spirit Iron Gol      Fire  44
Endia Evil Spirit Wizard        Fire  45
Hungkerr Curse Pixie            Water 10
Hungkerr Dark Pixie             Water 5

57 Astenes Elf Archer Fire

Astenes Elf Commander           Fire  54
Astenes Elf Leader              Fire  53
Astenes Elf Magician            Fire  52
Endia Evil Spirit Emporer       Fire  63
Endia Evil Spirit Stone Go      Fire  62

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