This is a list of monsters that can be found in Keuraijen.

Monsters in Keuraijen Spawn Map

Monster Spawn Map

Dungeon Monsters

Keuraijen's Monsters

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Name Map
Absalras Keuraijen  
Aracky Woods Archne Warrior Keuraijen  
Aracky Woods Arachne Fighter Keuraijen  
Aracky Woods Wolf Spider Keuraijen  
Araky Woods Poisonforg Keuraijen  
Araky Woods Frog Keuraijen  
Araky Woods Larva Keuraijen  
Ashalra Nightrunner Keuraijen  
Aulen Keuraijen  
Baral Keuraijen  
Ballas Tatoramo Keuraijen  
Blood snatcher Keuraijen  
Bulta Keuraijen  
Commander Willion Rigun Keuraijen  
Deamonstone Helltooth Low C Keuraijen  
Deamonstone Helltooth Trainer Keuraijen  
Deamonstone Helltooth Priest Keuraijen  
Deamonstone Helltooth Leader Keuraijen  
Deamonstone Helltooth Highrank Keuraijen  
Deamonstone Helltooth Low Class Keuraijen  
Deamonstone Helltooth Attan Keuraijen  
Deamonstone Guardian Keuraijen  
Depone Keuraijen  
Dragon Dens Grey Wolf Keuraijen  
Dragon Dens Strong Jaw Wolf Keuraijen  
Dragon Dens Hatchling Keuraijen  
Dragon Dens Magician Keuraijen  
Dragon Dens Knight Keuraijen  
Dragon Dens Commander Keuraijen  
Dragon Dens Fighter Keuraijen  
Ezzella Keuraijen  
Forest Guard Beholder Keuraijen  
Gigas Bison Keuraijen  
Gigas Wild Boar Keuraijen  
Gigas Larva Keuraijen  
Gigas Tatoramo Keuraijen  
Gigas Goblin Hunter Keuraijen  
Gigas Swamp Watcher Keuraijen  
Gigas Swamp Safeguard watcher Keuraijen  
Gigas Gigantic Frog Keuraijen  
Greenbare Elf Wizard Keuraijen  
Greenbare Elf Ranger Keuraijen  
Greenbare Elf Archer Keuraijen  
Hagrid Keuraijen  
Haul Katsuran Keuraijen  
Interpidman Shoserblock Keuraijen  
Karashien Keuraijen  
Kalragu Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Antelope Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Black Leopard Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Big Bison Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Bison Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Big Brown Bear Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Bloodsucking Wolf Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Gallus Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Gigantic Spider Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Large Black Leopard Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Larva Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Maneating Wild Boar Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Poison Mist Zombie Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Poison Mist Zompie Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Sad Soul Keuraijen  
Keuarijen Sawtooth Wild Beast Keuraijen  
Kioshyas Keuraijen  
Leader Ballakashi Keuraijen  
Lympros Keuraijen  
Mores Frog Keuraijen  
Mores Pixie Keuraijen  
Mores Gallus Keuraijen  
Mores Gray Wolf Keuraijen  
Necromancer Dulrahan Keuraijen  
Penrid's Son Keuraijen  
Quvellea Keuraijen  
Queen Equiria Keuraijen  
Ruined Guard Spirit Keuraijen  
Seaclad Sealakel Hunter Keuraijen  
Seaclad Sealakel Guard Keuraijen  
Seaclad Sealakel Warrior Keuraijen  
Seaclad Sealakel Summoner Keuraijen  
Seaclad Sealakel Priest Keuraijen  
Seaclad Sealakel Fighter Keuraijen  
Seaclad Sealakel Looter Keuraijen  
Silverpick Goblin Hunter Keuraijen  
Silverpick Goblin Patroller Keuraijen  
Silverpick Goblin Fighter Keuraijen  
Silverpick Goblin Warrior Keuraijen  
Silverpick Goblin Sentinel Keuraijen  
Silverpick Goblin Priest Keuraijen  
Silverpick Goblin Shaman Keuraijen  
Siclid Summoner Keuraijen  
Siclid Warrior Keuraijen  
Siclid Fighter Keuraijen  
Siclid Priest Keuraijen  

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