Quest InformationEdit

Given From: Mosen Kiesto
Level Requirement: ?
Pre-Requisites: New Job


Mosen asked you to find a Deatheater scout, Dratt. In order to find Dratt, you have to find a guard at the Arteria Blood Lab, Mosen Ordo and ask him of Dratt's exact location.

You can find the Arteria Blood Lab very easily if you exit the village and follow the route straight.




Quite easy. This part of the quest is merely one of those search and talk missions. Merely go th the Arteria Blood Lab, which is marked on your map, to finish this quest and get the next step.


Quest TextEdit

What I'm going to ask is not difficult. Just find the scout, Dratt was dispatched to the Stonepeg Goblin Clan district. I let him handle a a StonePeg Clan, but it seems he's having a hard time. First, if you ask his location from the guard of Arteria Blood Lab, Mosen Ordo, he'll let you know.

I figure he may be doing his job very well, but...if as people get older, we get more worried about things.haha. Then I'm counting on you.

Reward TextEdit

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