Summons Stones are equipment that can be used to summon and ride creatures, known as mounts, which increase a character's movement speed when ridden.


Mounts are level, mode and racespecific. Basic mounts can be purchased from a Ride Merchant and other mounts are obtained randomly from Uber Mystery Boxes or from events.

Beasts rideable in NM, as the Horse or the Leopard, can carry 1 character. Beast rideable in HM, as the Wolf or the Lion, can carry 2 characters and are fastest.

Mount Quest

You can obtain a Summon Stone by doing a quest: the quest starts at lvl 20 in Iris (for UoF) or Apulune (for AoL), by talking with the Ride Merchant Takeho Raksion. The quest is divided in many parts, but mainly you'll have to:

  • Return to the Ride Merchant
  • Return to the Ride Merchant
  • Return to the Ride Merchant

All the required materials can be found in the Araky Woods, or North of Starfumos Vill. The Potion Set and the Grapes can be most easily bought in Iris by the Liquid Medicine Merchant.

Be careful that the Beasts summoned with the Summon Stone may change, depending on the Mode in which one is playing: when a NM character obtains the Summon Stone, can summon the Beast related to NM (Horse, Leopard, Black Leopard or Basilisk), while if it is HM it will summon the HM Beasts (Sunsted, Silver Lion, Blood Wolf or Red Dragon).

How to summon

To ride a mount, Right Click the respective summons stone in your inventory to wear it and then Left click on the stone again to summon the mount.

Mount Stone Race Min. Level Mode
Horse Summons Stone Horse Summons Stone Human 1 Normal
Leopard Summons Stone Leopard Summons Stone Elf 1 Normal
Sunsted Summons Stone Sunsted Summons Stone Human 40 Hard
Silver Lion Summons Stone Silver Lion Summons Stone Elf 40 Hard
150x150px Silverhorn Summons Stone Human 50 Hard
Red Lion Summons Stone Red Lion Summons Stone Elf 50 Hard
Black Leopard Summons Stone Black Leopard Summons Stone Vail 1 Normal
Basilisk Summons Stone Basilisk Summons Stone Nordein 1 Normal
Red Dragon Summons Stone Red Dragon Summons Stone Nordein 40 Hard
Blood Wolf Summons Stone Blood Wolf Summons Stone Vail 40 Hard
Humansuper Blue Armored Unicorn Summons Stone Human 58 Ultimate
Silver Armored pheonix Summons Stone Elf 58 Ultimate
Black Armored Basilisk Summons Stone Nordien 58 Ultimate
Armored Two-Headed Dragon Beast Summons Stone Vail 58 Ultimate

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