Movement, or MOV, is the motion of a character to get from one point to another.


There are four ways that a character can move using different controls. They are listed below.

Type Description
Walk Slowly moves the character forward, backward, left or right.
Run Quickly moves the character forward, left or right.
Jump Lifts the character higher from the ground.
Dodge Quickly moves the character a short distance backward, left or right.

Movement Speed

How quickly a character moves can be increased by riding a mount.

Mount Action Test Speeds Average Speed
(change in coordinate units per second)
None Walk 2.271, 2.512, 2.444 *2.4
None Run 4.994, 4.986 5
Black Leopard Walk 3.504, 3.508 3.5
Black Leopard Run 6.994, 6.954 7

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