Ah!! What do you want? I don’t think a person like you would have any business with a someone like me.
What buisiness do you have with this old man?
Remember to keep a logical head about you. When you let emotions rule your actions you are opening yourself up for trouble.
What? Do you have any question about my opinions?
I really think this alliance with the Deatheaters is doomed. They’re just stupid massers of muscle with no brains at all.
The nobles should set an example first. Who will keep the law if we don’t?
This is the Adelnia noble committee. The meeting is about to begin, so come back later if you have any business here.
Are you trying to create a new clan? There will be no problem whatsoever as long as you follow these basic steps.
Repairs or Lapis upgrades, I do it all baby! Awwww yeah.
Come on over here, do you want to use this warehouse? You should be aware that it will cost you extra.
Fight for the Glory. Fight for the Honor. Fight the Holy War!
This is the Arkies Arena. This place is used for those who want to fight for fun and profit.
I’m an apprentice, Pagan. I try my best, but I still mess up a lot (grin)
What are you looking for? Unless you have something for me, you’d better go away.
I made a new magic square! Let’s get this started now.
Hello. I’m an apprentice, Pagan Pomum, belonging to Mystra arcane
The power of Mystra will make us more powerful
Do you need the power of Mystra?
My heart beats only for Mystra
May the God of Magic, Mystra, guide your path..
We got a company to discuss!!
Mystra is really great! Magic… the power of magic… is really… great!
Oh, nice to meet you. What brought you to the Termion Upper House?
What do you want?
The judgement of Prakurit performed in front of Great Etain is holy.
I did my best… I didn’t expect that I’d be involved in this political quarrel… it’s become such a mess.
This is the Narcilian Hall. The Senator and Beltiston do their business here.
Did you come here for some sort of compensation?
You are far too rude. Behave yourself when you speak to a senator like me.
I’m the Force Jackal before the Senator.
Show some courtesy. I’m a decendent of the hero, Isquiron and Senator’s Beltiston
This is the Embassador of Nordain. Show respect scum!
Glory to the Union of Fury! What’s up friend?
You make a reservation first if you wanna meet an embassador.
Hm? What’s up? Did you make a reservation with Neitian?
The Csipolune Guard are the indestructible shield no enemy can break through!
I cry the name of destruction itself! Hail the Csipolune Dragoon!
Powerful Canines rending flesh and bone… That is art.
I’m a decent assassin. I can’t understand why I don’t have any tasks.
Arto is my friend! He is very nice except for the fact that he is Vail and quite shy!
The holy mother Narsiliel will guide your way. What can I do for you?
May Etain bless you…
Goddess is always with us.
Eclipsiss will always be with you.. I hope I can help you child.
May you receive Etain’s mercy. Why are you here in the temple?
The goddess is always right beside us.
Good, we have lots of customers today! Tokara has excellent taste when it comes to items. So don’t worry about quality, I only stock the best.
Let me help you chose the accessory right for you.
You looking for something fast, sleek, powerful? Have I got the deal for you!
Welcome to my shop, you beautiful thing you. Rowr! I think I may have some whips back there with swords you could use on me. Just a few coins more. (winkwink)
Ahh, trading with the enemy, eh? Make sure you visit the underground Stadium as well. Good money to be had at both places.
Welcome to the Bank!
If you’re looking for deals, go away. If you’re looking for handouts, go away. If you’re looking at me, go away. If you’re going to buy something, buy it and the go away.
If you have something to say, spit it out. I don’t have time to waste on fools like you.
Are you gonna buy something, or just stand there drooling on yourself
I hate being stuck here next to Partim. He’s such an ass. Please buy something so I can make enough money to start a shop somewhere else.
You seem to have a good grisp of basic fighting skills. These weapons should work well for you.
I have no idea where I put it. Where did I lose that book?
Whatever you need make it quick. My wife Lona is bugging me and if I don’t get over there, she’ll kill me.
What type of weapon are you looking for? Take a look around, but watch out… them blades is sharp! I’ve got to keep them that way to make sure ole Huck doesn’t get out of line!
Dude? Hello? Um, destination please.
Hello master, please tell me where I can send you today.