This is a list of all the Quests available to Alliance of Light characters in Apulune.

Note: Most of the quests in Apulune have not been implemented yet. The quest markers on 
the map do not yet mark actual quests.

Level Available Quest Name From NPC Quest Goal Reward
Level 15 Nemiaga's Bluffing (1) Ricardo Collect: (5)Earth Alchemy Powder (Repeatable) Receive (1)Earth Tear Ore
Level 15 Nemiaga's Bluffing (2) Lupers Nemisis Collect: (5)Earth Tear Ore (Repeatable) Receive (1)Light Filled Bowl
Level 15 Nemiaga's Bluffing (3) Latios Nemia Collect: (5)Light Filled Bowl (Repeatable) Receive (1)Light Core
Level 15 Nemiaga's Bluffing (4) Oblician Criffort Collect: (5)Light Core (Repeatable) Receive (1)Star of Beauty
Level 15 Nemiaga's Bluffing (5) Samuel Behimode Collect: (5)Star of Beauty (Repeatable?) Receive (1)Earth Tear
Level 20 Mount Quest Part 1 Heather Brunan Collect:
(1) Heart of Crulif
   (30) Poison Linz
   (50) Amapo Spools
Receive Final Prize (1)Normal Mode Mount

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