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This is a list of all the Quests available to Union of Fury characters in Iris.

Level Available Mode Quest Name From NPC Quest Goal Reward
Level 1 Easy Norktern's Request (1) Deacon Love Child Collect 5 Earth Alchemy Powders (3125 Total) (Repeatable) Land's Tear Gemstone
Level 1 Easy Norktern's Request (2) Izac Nocton Collect 5 Land's Tear Gemstone (Repeatable) Light Collector
Level 1 Easy Norktern's Request (3) Killingterns Nocton Collect 5 Light Collector (Repeatable) Core of Light
Level 1 Easy Norktern's Request (4) Kamia Nocton Collect 5 Core of Light (Repeatable) Origin of Beauty
Level 1 Easy Norktern's Request (5) Amurak Nocton Collect 5 Origin of Beauty (Repeatable) (1000)Etin ?
Level 50 Normal Ferrum's New Technique Ferrum (Iris Blacksmith) Collect 15 Dark Mage Stones and 3 Endure Lapis lv3 lvl 51 Cap and 50,000 EXP

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