There are four playable races altogether. These four races belong to two warring Factions, the Humans & Elves form the Alliance of Light and the Nordein & Vail form the Union of Fury.

Playable Races

According to lore the Elves and Vail were once known as Dumianas who, along with the Dragons and Nordein, are the original three races created by the Goddess Etain

Race Bonus

The stats given to each race is slightly different when making a new character: Humans get 4 LUC; Elves get 4 DEX; Vails get 2 INT and 2 WIS (including assassins); Nordeins get 2 STR and 2 REC. (If you read the initial stats for each class and subtract the race bonus you will see how both faction counterparts will match.)

There are many other races in Shaiya, included in many of the different "Mobs" that exist in Shaiya, such as the Vipers (hybrids of Human and Snakes) and Succubi.