Quest InformationEdit

Given From: Roise Stella
Level Requirement: ?
Pre-Requisites: None


You have to find Lia Kreis and ask for her help.

She is in Glitter.


10 Experience
100 Icon Gold


Simply click "Decide to move" when talking to the gate keeper Roise, and click on Glitter to move you there. You'll notice that there is no cost to move to cities on Map one. This will change once you try to teleport to other places. Once in glitter, go to the entrance to the temple. Lia Kreis is right there. Talk to her.


Quest TextEdit

Oh... Are you a newcomer? You are the one I haven't seen before. Then let me introduce myself first. I am Riose Stella, a Gate Keeper of Aridon. I'm very glad to have met you. It is a great strength to us people like you only participating a battle very actively especially at a time like this, so wishing newcomers to do their best, I'm currently giving them a chance to use a gate for free. Ah, you don't know how to use a Gate Keeper? I'll explain just in case.

Two ways, using a Gate Keeper and portal are used for a transfer between districts. In order to use a gate, you have to click the Gate Keeper and press a transfer decision. Then, a name of district you can transfer and a price to go there will be displayed. After that, if you decide a destination and transfer there, the cost will be paid automatically and you will be transfered to that district.

You don't have to pay the price in case you a portal, but there are places having a level limit, so you have to use a portal after you check a level limit carefully.

I hope my explanation will be helpful to you. Ah, if you want to obtain other information.. you'd better go to Lia Kreis in Gliter. Something is eating Lia Kreis lately... Anyway, I bet you'll obtain a good information for sure. Newcomer.. I expect you to do your best.

Reward TextEdit

Material preperation... delivery... what shouold I do first? ... Oh my, did you come here to find me?

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