The Shield is a Armor that protects you.There are more kinds of Shields;

-By Shape:


-By defense-power,resitence,etc.:

                                *Round Shield (Lv1)
                                *Defenders (Lv7)
                                *Hoplon (Lv13)
                                *Kite Shield (Lv19)
                                *Collandras Flame (Lv25 epic)
                                *Phoenix Shield (Lv30)
                                *Dragon Hero (Lv38)
                                *Tower Shield (Lv43)
                                *Steel Castle (Lv49)
                                *Aegis (Lv54)(Drops from Angels Chests only)
                                *Flare Shield (Lv55)(Drops from Ele Cave bosses only)
                                *Brilliance Shield (Lv63)(Quest 60-65 6 slots no OJs or with OJs)
                                *Sirius (Lv69)

They can be either Noble,Worship,Heroic,Dread,Legend or Goddess and they can be linked with Lapises (Lv1-7,Absorption 5,6,Lucky Lapis and some Duals 1-5)

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