The stats may change between classes, usually the HP will be above 175 and the MP and SP minimum is 85. The 6 attributes: :* Strength(STR): Strength decides how much damage your character deals when they are using melee attacks. :* Dexterity(DEX): Dexterity decides how accurate your melee/ranged attacks are and it increase your ability to evade enemies attacks. :* Intelligence(INT): Intelligence decides how much damage your character makes when using spells. :* Wisdom(WIS): Wisdom increases your spells accuracy and also decides how much HP your healing spells restore. :* Reaction Defense(REC): This is your ability to take hits and keep your enemies attention. It decides how much HP you'll have as well as your defence. :* Luck(LUC): This decides how lucky your character is. It affects the chance of scoring critical hits as well as avoiding them and it adds to your critical damage. It does not however affect what you will get from killed enemies or how much money you'll get

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