Quest Information

Given From: Aridon Guard
Level Requirement: ?
Pre-Requisites: Talent Test (Part One)


The Aridon Security asked you to dispose of Rough Ground Tiny Wild Boars and return to report your result.

You should return to the Aridon Security after hunting 5 Rough Ground Tiny Wild Boars.

You can find wild boars near the spiders.


100 Experience
520 Gold


Go East of the guard, to where you previously killed the spiders. Kill 5 Rough Ground Tiny Wild Boars, then go to Aridon Security. The NPC is named Aridon Captain, and is a Guard standing by the bridge.

Quest Text

This time, I want you to dispose of 5 Rough Ground Tiny Wild Boars.

Wild boars will be absurdly weak compared to those cunning and detestable enemies of the Alliance of Light, but at least they are more dangerous than the spiders you just dealt with.

I'm telling you. Stay Sharp

This is just for testing your ability, so be careful not to die. Hang it! After eliminating all wild boars, return to Aridon Security in the village, not to me.

Reward Text

All right, Apparently you have some basic talent. I hope you'll grow into an excellent warrior.