Quest InformationEdit

Given From: Lia Kreis
Level Requirement: ?
Pre-Requisites: Roise's Gate


Please find Barren Deiatt and give him a Letter from Barren to him.


10 Experience
200 Icon Gold


Barren will be close enough to throw a stone at, right with the weapon merchant at the red tents, literally ten feet from Lia. Simply talk to him.


Quest TextEdit

Ah..Are you here by my introduction? I can see.. It is true I give information to people who come here newly, but.. These days, I'm in low spirits...somehow...Ah! I talk so much, I'm sorry.

While I pull myself together, can you hand this letter to a blacksmith named Barren Deiatt?

It is a letter I received one week ago...I've forgotten handing this to him. He seemed to waiting so much... Please tell him "I'm sorry," too.

Reward TextEdit

I saw you were talking with Lia Kreis a little while ago... Surely you didn't hit on her, right? what? You came here because of Lia Kreis's favor?

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