Quest InformationEdit

Given From: Barren Deiatt
Level Requirement: ?
Pre-Requisites: That Man That Woman


You have to find Lia Kreis and show Food Materials' receipt to her.


10 Experience
200 Icon Gold


Easy as it sounds. Just walk back to Lia and talk to her again.


Quest TextEdit

(when you have over a letter)ohoh... What about that letter! It has finally arrived? A friend of mine is on the battlefield now, so a letter with him is the only way to figure out his life or death. Now, I'll be able to listen to his news finally.. Thanks, newcomer. I'd better give you a useful information to repay your kindness. It could be a good information to let you know my profession.

However, I dislike talking twice, so understand at once.

I'm a blacksmith.. it is a profession specialized in equipment. A person is not only the one who is exhausted by a fighting. Every time you use all weapons and defense items, their durability is decreased bit by bit. Once the durability of weapon becomes a zero, you can't attack easily, and once the durability of defense item becomes a zero, you can't defend easily. That's why you're supposed to use them by fixing them properly.

If you want to fix, all you have to do is just find a blacksmith like me in an each village. After you speak to them, if you click "repair weapon", a "forge" window will appear. There is an explanation, right? According to an explanation, just click an equipment you want to fix. If you feel annoyed to fix one by one and want to fix all equipments together at once, just click "Repair All." The cost is indicated before the repairment, so it is absolutely impossible to argue a cost pro and con later! haha!!

Then can you see "Lapis Fusion?" You might wonder what a Lapis is. According to a legend, Lapis is a mysterious stone called "Goddess's Tear." Each Lapis has a different ability, so it is used to reinforce all sorts of equipments, but it doesn't mean you can combine all equipment with a Lapis. Lapis Fusion is possible from Noble-class equipment, so you'd better not waste your time with pointless equipment.

Well, anyways,a fusion of Lapis is a blacksmiths' job. Similar to a weapon repairment, if you speak to blacksmiths and press "repair weapon," you will see a "forge" window, right? This time, you select a "lapis fusion." Then you will see a window where you can combine a Lapis with an equipment, or extract a fused Lapis from an equipment on the contrary.

"Fusion Object" is where you put an equipment you can fuse a Lapis with, and "Fusion item" is where you put a Lapis you'll fuse to equipment. However, you can only put them here after you take all off equipments you're wearing and put them in an inventory. It doesn't necessarily end in success only by a fusion. The fusion probability exists, so it can end in either success or failure. If you fail a fusion, a Lapis is broken. It is a risky job, but if you consider an additional ability that will be given to you after a success of fusion.....this is a gambling worth a try, isn't it? haha!

Well, I gave you quite a valuable information, didn't I? newcomer? Anyway..Please tell Lia Kreis'you don't have to feel sorry. I'm just satisfied with a confirmation of my friend's news. Ah, this is a receipt. I received Food Materials she requested, so tell her check this out with a receipt. I'm counting on you, newcomer.

Reward TextEdit

(Missing, due to the game randomly hitting "accept" before I could even type it out. Was a sentence though and not important)

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