Quest InformationEdit

Given From: Lia Kreis
Level Requirement: ?
Pre-Requisites: That Man That Woman(2)


You have to find Marie Jernes and show her a Cook Catalogue.


10 Experience
200 Icon Gold


The cook is a warehouse keeper, just south of you. Should be nearly in site of Lia, depending what side of the temple stairs you're at. Simply go and talk to her.


Quest TextEdit

Is this that receipt? hmn... These are a little bit deficient, but if I consider the current season,

I've received better goods than my initial expectation.

Did you obtain a good information from Barren Deiatt? I also wanted to help you, but... I got too many things to do, so... It is not easy to help you in person.. I'll introduce people who can give you information... Could you help me out a little bit more? Please shoe this Cook Catalogue to Marie Jernes.

Reward TextEdit

heyhey~ If you got nothing to leave, just move along quickly. What? Lia Kreis sent you here? Ah~ You must be that errand boy, right?

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