Quest Information

Given From: Duster
Level Requirement: 23
Prerequisites: Suspicious Rumor


The headman, Duster, asked you to get rid of 5 Fedion Angry Nose Wild Boars ruining the field. You can find the Fedion Angry Nose Wild Boar south of the farm.


3,710 Experience
13,860 Gold


Take the road west out of the farm and you will find the boars on the southern side of the road.


Quest Text

If you want to hear the story, I need your help first. This is prime time to reap crops from our fields. But things are not going well because of wild boars. I'd be greatful if you got rid of 5 Fedion Angry Nose Wild Boars.

Reward Text

These things are never easy, but I guess I should tell you. Now, I'm only going to tell you because it's Drunca who sent you. Actually, I thought I might go to Drunca and tell him myself, but things are so crazy around here...