Quest Information

Given From: Duster
Level Requirement: 23
Prerequisites: The Secret Being Revealed(1)


You have to deliver Duster's story to Drunca.


300 Experience


Turn around, and walk to Drunca. Speak with him to complete the quest.


Quest Text

Ok, the rumor. Daisy... my daughter didn't give birth to Daisy. She doesn't even have one drop of my blood. She was wrapped in a blanket when I discovered her in a nearby glen. I felt so sorry for her, so I brought her home and raised her...

There was a note with her than read 'I will come and find her someday' when I found her. I still have that note, and... well, it seems as though Daisy's real mother is returning now. But I don't think I can let her go! Daisy is my everything, she's the abel of my eye!

well, there is nothing for it now... the rumor is out. I hope Drunca won't treat Daisy differently after he learns the truth. *sigh* Well, I told you that because I hope Drunca isn't like that.

Drunca will be waiting, so go there and tell him my story.

Reward Text

Ah, did you find out the truth? Let me hear it. (after listening to the whole story, he seems suprised.) Wow. That is not at all what I expected. ...There must be more to the rumor floating around.