Quest Information

Given From: Pagan Vidarr Level Requirement: 21 Prerequisites: <none>

NOTE: This quest is recurring, that is, if you complete it, you can start it again.


You have to give two Essence of Witch to Pagan Vidarr.


Choose one:

Vidarr's Medicine

A few Etin

Vidarr's Medicine: Obtained Apostel's Ability Lv1

"Apostel's Ability Lv1

level 21

Increases INT, WIS by 3 each for 10 minutes. Its effect will vanish when dead. Restricted to characters currently in use. <Cannot be traded>"

A few etin: Obtained [1]Etin


level 1

Purchasing price : 93,720

[1]Etin used to maintain the guild house."


You can find witch essence while killing many various monsters. Some examples are Crazy Crying Gargoyles, Fedion Leapordess Hunters, Fedion and Leopardess Butchers.


Quest Text

Did you happen to see my master?

Great... What should I do now? Of all the times to run out of essence, it had to be now...

Can you help me by chance?

If you bring me a couple Essence of Witch, I'll delightedly give you the best medicine I've ever made.

Reward Text

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I never knew there were kind souls like you in the Alliance of Light. I really appreciate what you've done for me.

Thanks to you, I've found my master's location and I'll be able to meet with him.

Here you go. This is the mysterious medicine, made with the technique handed down from my master. I hope you find it useful.