Quest InformationEdit

Given From: Nell Watersaga
Level Requirement: 24
Prequisites: <none>


You have to capture a Sealakel named Madfisher in the nearest lake from Nell's location, and bring back an Ear of Madfisher.


5,810 Experience
18,610 Gold


Stand near Nell and face the west. Beyond the windmill you will see a clump of trees. Madfisher is hiding there between the lake and the road.


madfish adında sealkeri öldüreceksiniz yel değirmenlerin orada gölün hemen üstünde ağaçlık bir alanda saklanıyor


Quest TextEdit

Greetings. I'm Nell Watersaga, I'm in the Willieoseu district for the water analysis. It's vitally import that we, as humans, keep track of our impact on our environment. Even the tiniest variation can have a lasting impact on nature. And we seem to have some unexpected variations in the water lately.

There are many bodies of water in the Willieoseu district. The lakes and waterways have been providing nutrition not only to people, but also to the forest tree and creatures living in the district. But recently, I've been tracking some contaminates in the lakes... things we haven't seen before. As a result, the quality of our water has degraded dramatically. Even more evidence of this is found in some of the creatures that live right on the waters edge... they have turned violent and act strangely.

I intend to capture these warped creatures and collect some specimens. This way, I can figure out what has been contaminating the lake. Can you help me?? Please capture a Sealakel called "Madfisher" from the nearest lake and bring back part of its body. I'll be waiting.

Reward TextEdit

Hmm, this is an Ear of Madfisher... This is not how their ears should look. This looks like you removed it from a creature that's been dead for a few days. (frowning) disgusting...

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