Quest Information

Given From: Nell Watersaga
Level Requrement: 2523423423
Prerequisites: Water Analysis(1)


You have to capture a antelope named Madhorn in the lake north of Nell and obtain a Fur of Madhorn and give it to Nell.


6,440 Experience
19,800 Gold


North of Haldeck Farm there is a lake. On the north-eastern side resides Madhorn.

(Turkish)Madhorn ismindeki boos geyiklerin olduğu gölde dağların eteğindedir


Quest Text

This poor Sealakel must have spent a lot of time in the water, never knowing that the water was contaminated. Was it violent? Sealakel never used to be so cruel, but looking at its transformed ear, I can easily predict its violent nature. Hmm...

Do you think you're up to going to the lake that was opposite to where Madfisher was? You will find the antelope called Madhorn there. I'm certain it has also been influenced by the contaminated water. Please capture that antelope and bring back what you obtain.

Reward Text

Is this the Fur of Madhorn? is seriously discolored. (after smelling it) Oh my lord! It stinks too... This will work for my research. You did a fine job.