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Quest InformationEdit

After visiting Curni in Keolloseu, you learn that her deceased friend's younger sibling, Rosian Grik, has gone missing. Your initial mission is to simply find and retrieve her. But soon after finding her, it is revealed that she has been killed by the Wolf Boss Lupers. She wishes to be avenged, and asks that you slay Lupers in her stead, using his skull as proof. After doing so, she says that although she is grateful for what you have done for her, she is still sad that she cannot live again. She then hands you an old locket with her initials on it. She asks that you bring this back to Curni. When you speak to Curni again, she takes the locket and says that she must depart to care for Rosian's soul herself.


Part 1: Find Rosian Grik

Part 2: Kill Wolf Boss Lupers and collect Skull of Lupers

Part 3: Return to Curni


Part 1: Body SEX

Part 2: Free Sex

Part 3: 5 girls For Sex



Look for a wolf, Lupers, that killed the Elf girl. Dispose of it and give the item acquired from Lupers (Skull of Lupers) to Rosian's Spirit.

You can find Lupers among the wolves if you go across the bridge beside the Beacon Mound.

[Information from the questbook within the game Shaiya by Aeriagames]

You need just to cross the bridge next to the tower that you've spoken with a woman and find this wolf.


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